Olson Trailer & Body LLC has a long and respected history in Green Bay and North East Wisconsin. “Where the Trucker is King” was our motto back then and it’s still how we do business today!  Olson Trailer and Body was founded in 1933 by Herbert Olson as the only company of its kind in the Green Bay area. Focusing on tractor trailer repair, Herbert not only did his own repairs but began building customized vehicles, cars, trailers and more.

Built on innovative ideas for customizing trucks and strong workmanship, Olson Trailer and Body has always been a first mover in the industry. In the 1960's, Olson was the first company in Wisconsin to build a motor home converted from a Grey Hound bus. Also during this time, before decals were utilized as a way of customizing trucks, Olson hand painted detailed images on trucks.

Olson's excellent workmanship carries on from generation to generation, with seasoned employees training and instilling decades of knowledge and experience in the industry upon new employees. Olson takes their over 300 years of combined experience in the industry and applies it to all customization and installation jobs. Not only will all jobs be assembled according to manufacturer's specifications, they take installation a step further with a detailed final inspection to ensure customer satisfaction.

Moving to its current location in October of 2003, we have honed in on Municipal trucks and the private sector vocational truck market.

Olson continues to grow and employ additional technicians to meet the ever increasing market needs. The Sales department is led by Wally Henderson who has more than 30 years in the truck equipment market. Our Parts Department is led by Tom Johnson who again has over 25 years in the truck and truck equipment market. Our Service and production department is led by Karl White who has been with Olson’s for 29 years.